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New Bestseller from Mark Poppenborg

One of our founders, Mark Poppenborg, recently penned his first book – only to have it stand at the top of Amazon’s list in the category “Change Management” and ended up on manager magazin’s bestseller list.

In the intrinsify blog, Mark Poppenborg reveals his ideas about how to do more real work and less pointless activity. The book is a collection of his best contributions from the recent past. And because he has always striven to improve his thoughts and insights into how best to lead a company, he decided to revise and update some of his texts for this volume.

24½ Liberating Impulses for Entrepreneurs and Managers

More freedom, more meaningful activities, more effectiveness in the workplace – that is what is needed, not management 101 and ludicrous routine work. That is the true nature of Future Leadership.

That’s what the New Economy looks like – and it’s apparently something people are yearning for. Its main pledge? You will achieve more! And yet the path toward realization can be rocky. The solution: “We Lead Differently!” In his new volume, Mark Poppenborg demonstrates what it means to think differently and furnishes the reader interested in effective leadership with a multitude of practical impulses – off the beaten path, open to new horizons, sound, sensible and wise.

New Freedoms for a New Leadership

Modern means of leadership and organizational development bear little resemblance to your grandfather’s approach. Nevertheless, many well-meaning attempts fail to actually function as intended. Mark Poppenborg questions every leadership instrument and organizational scheme ever invented, both the “usual suspects” as well as those hyped under the buzzword “New Work.” What emerged from this process is his vision of Future Leadership.

The goal is to empower readers to get a new slant on their own companies.

More impulses


The Siemens GMM Safe Space Project

Case study: In the GMM Safe Space Project, structures were created that enable a significantly higher customer focus. The result: New solutions, better processes, organizational design insights and two global Siemens Awards.


Systemic Learning Blockages

Can a group of intelligent people project stupidity? Yes, indeed, it can. Social systems – i.e., organizations – are more than the sum of their parts.


How a Culture of Trust succeeds

The desire to create a culture of trust within an organization is not new and has been often called on, albeit usually without being fulfilled. The intrinsify podcast addresses one of the few exceptions to this experience: the Beutlhauser Group.


Columbus has retired

Company founders inevitably put a mark on their firms. That is a well-known and obvious fact. They were the ones who had the original ideas, the courage and the commitment to create and lead a commercial organization. But what happens when Columbus retires?

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