About Us

We are Organeers. And effectiveness is what drives us. Effectiveness to us means: creating vital organizations that become and remain successful in their dynamic markets. We see ourselves as problem-solvers when it comes to fine-tuning a company’s value-creation and working conditions. We don’t believe in business theater; we believe in devising business structures where dedicated people choose to assume responsibility, where talented people apply their talents to the fullest. To this end, we collaborate closely with entrepreneurs and decision-makers on the capabilities of their organizations.

Who we are and what we do

Virtuoso roleplayers

Think of us as sparring partners for entrepreneurs and their top decision-makers – escorts on the path to creating functioning social systems, experts in designing effective organizations, and allies to those within an organization who shape the company’s future. And sometimes we are the ones who generate the impulses and provide the encouragement. We are also analysts: We direct our attention to discovering both the functional and dysfunctional structures and patterns that exist within a company.

Systems theorist and practitioner

The basis for our efforts as well as the effective background for all of our interventions is the New Systems Theory and the Future Leadership Toolkit. Occasionally, we complement this approach with concepts taken from business administration and psychology. We pick and choose from a broad variety of different theories and methods to trigger new ideas to solve the diverse problems our customers present.

Nevertheless, despite our love of theory, we never lose sight of what counts in the end: talent.

Future Leadership

Future Leadership is a package of tools to solve even the most complex leadership and organizational problems. Our mindset is based on Modern Systems Theory, an extremely practical approach that only recently has worked its way into organizational circles – all the while becoming indispensable for effective modern corporate governance in complex markets. Our declared goal is to promote personal responsibility and inaugurate new ways of thinking and acting.

Our Principles

Who we are not and what we do not do

We are not dogmatists who cling to theory

We do not arrive at the customer’s location with a set of templates and recipes in our briefcase. Any theory is only as good as its utility under practical conditions. That is why we develop a theory based on practice – and not the other way around. Our projects serve to open eyes, to generate impulses, not to replace practical experiences, intuition and good ideas.

No per diems

We like to work with our customers to achieve steadfast results, to enable the success of an organization on all levels. Per diems would only stifle that process since they tend to reward quantitative efforts more than effective results. To this end, we contract with customers fees that are oriented toward the respective project and its outcomes. That takes the theme of compensation off the working table and allows everyone involved to do what is required to ensure success.

No pitches

A partnership on equal footing means embarking on a journey together, with a singular goal that all parties view as desirable and attainable. A tender generally consists of a description of the path to the desired solution but not of the actual problem in question. A tender does not foresee joint analysis and the formulation of a goal. And that is why we choose not to submit such offers.

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