How a Culture of Trust succeeds

Beutlhauser Group as an Example

The desire to create and maintain a culture of trust within an organization is well known and often propagated, though it just as often goes unfulfilled. Think of the many contrived framings of so-called culture campaigns, the appeals that go unheard, the weathered posters that are eventually removed and discarded. The intrinsify podcast looks at one of few exceptions to this rule, where the drive to create a culture of trust succeeded – the Beutlhauser Group.

In this episode, I speak with Oliver Sowa, the Director of the Beutlhauser Group about the changes and transformations that have occurred in the leadership and organization of this company over the past 5 years. Beutlhauser is a traditional family enterprise that was founded in 1860 and is today in the hands of the fifth successive generation. It employs a total of 1,200 people at 25 different locations. It is one of the most prominent trading and service companies in the field of sales, leasing and servicing of high-quality investment goods as well as digital solutions. Among its main suppliers are such heavyweights as earthmoving and construction machinery from Liebherr, industrial forklifts from Linde and Unimogs from Mercedes-Benz.

Oliver Sowa

Oliver Sowa

Beutlhauser Group

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The program “Future Leadership in medium-sized Companies”

The radical restructuring envisioned by Beutlhauser demanded a radical approach. “A great deal of courage and a lot less common sense,” was the way the Beutlhauser’s Director, Oliver Sowa, described it with a wink. That courage was fed by the knowledge gathered in modern organizational theory. But equally important were concrete examples of successful transformations and a shot of trustful exchange of experiences with “comrades-in-arms.”

To this end, the Intrinsify Academy, together with the Beutlhauser Group, came up with the completely new program entitled “Future Leadership in Medium-Sized Companies” that served to combine the results of 5 years of change management at Beutlhauser with the existing and profound tools already present in the Future Leadership toolbox. What emerged was a unique educational concept that could be applied especially by managers and decision-makers in medium-sized firms.

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Columbus has retired

Company founders inevitably put a mark on their firms. That is a well-known and obvious fact. They were the ones who had the original ideas, the courage and the commitment to create and lead a commercial organization. But what happens when Columbus retires?

How a Culture of Trust succeeds

The desire to create a culture of trust within an organization is not new and has been often called on, albeit usually without being fulfilled. The intrinsify podcast addresses one of the few exceptions to this experience: the Beutlhauser Group.

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