The Siemens GMM Safe Space Project

Insights into the Award-Winning Siemens GMM Safe Space Project

What to do when customer demands become ever more diverse and previous approaches no longer suffice to keep your company as the preferred partner? This question posed by the service unit Siemens Global Mobility Management (GMM) formed the basis for a safe space project designed by Organeers.

The GMM Safe Space Project allows the development and testing of new working methods during ongoing operations – successfully by the way. New customer solutions quickly emerge, as do improved processes and insights into further organizational designs.

Internally, we found this to be an impressive project. It was awarded the Siemens Global Business Service Aware in the category “Best Customer Focused Project,” beating out 50 competitors. Furthermore, it finished in second place of the P&O Award in the category “Adaptive Organization and Talent Ecosystem.”

In the intrinsify podcast, Tobias Nehls, Head of Global Mobility Management at Siemens, reports on the ups and downs of the Safe Space Project and how the new structures enable more customer-focused approaches.

German intrinsify Podcast with

Picture of Tobias Nehls

Tobias Nehls

Head of Global Mobility Management

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